How have we managed this? For start, we’ve switched to using iauditor on a tablet – an inspection app used to help raise safety and quality standards across our organisation.

With iauditor, our team can:

  • Consistent documentation log
  • Standardise operations
  • Send site health and safety and management reports
  • Identify failed areas

…and ultimately, resolves problems.


In short, iauditor does everything we usually do but now all files are stored and sent electronically – something which we’re proud to say, we’re ahead of the curve on.


We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our business – and going paperless is just the start. To us, efficiency is key and in this digital age it’s now easier than ever to streamline our operations.


This new initiative will not only be better for the environment – it’ll also save money. In just 3 years, we’ll save an estimated £2752[1] – a significant sum which will enable us to keep providing a competitively-priced service for our customers.


To find out more about our approach to a commercial refurbishment, get in touch.


[1] Figure based on 4 sites running per month.


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