Millennial Dining Experience

How Millennials Are Shaping the Dining Experience.

Millennials have a reputation for being hard to please. But they are also becoming the country’s largest group of diners, with 17 million millennials making up almost a quarter of the UK population.
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The greatest spending power

Millennials have the greatest spending power of all the demographics in the UK and dining out is no exception. They spend a whopping 13% of their income in restaurants and bars. Here at TFOP, as experts in restaurant, bar and café interior fit outs, we know how important this age range is for your business to grow and have created this in depth research piece to inform you of the best ways to draw in that all important millennial diner.

Included in the research piece you will find not just tips on the best shop fit outs, but also how events, food presentation, and your online presence can effect the millennial diner and their willingness to spend that 13% of their income in your restaurant.

This guide had been built by award-winning professionals to inform your bespoke dining ideas, and whether it’s a complete renovation or simply alterations that you require, we have complied the latest research so that you can make the best decisions for your restaurant. We have focused upon different areas of the millennial dining experience including seating plans, meal customising, and 3D dining experiences. While this may sound confusing, we’ve used our years of expertise creating restaurant layouts and designing bar, cafe and restaurant interiors to give you practical advice on catering to the world of the millennial. Our guide provides the information you need to maximise what you already have, help create that which you don’t, and get everyone talking about your dining experience.

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